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India's finest traditional form of paintings are practised for more that 1000 years and there are as many styles of paintings as there are  communities.


Craft Rare

India's long lost heritage is vividly associated with crafts that are rare to find, and may extinct soon!

Featured Artists

Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi comes from a long line of Phad painters, dating back to the thirteenth century. Kalyan Joshi ji experiments with new stories, contemporary style of craft painting and line drawing

Lalita Vakil

Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi

Lalita Vakil is a master crafts person specializing in Chamba Rumaal Embroidery. Lalita ji uses her expertise to train the younger generation to learn the craft and therefore increase their handmade employment opportunities

Om Prakash Galav

Dalavai Kullayappa

Dalavai Kullayappa

Om Prakash Galav inherited the craft of pottery making from his ancestors as a part of his family business. He is a Fifteenth generation pottery maker, having grown up playing with clay. His handmade miniature pots are a delight to own

Dalavai Kullayappa

Dalavai Kullayappa

Dalavai Kullayappa

Dalavai Kullayappa comes from a family specialising in this ancient art of making handmade Leather Puppets for the past 3 centuries. Being a UNESCO and National Award Winner, Dalavai ji plays a critical role in the revival of this dying craft

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